Dark Ages of Development

06/05/14 | By Tommy Chong

Well it looks like the Earth is headed toward some serious global warming. This prolonged drought that has hit California seems to be staying for a bit longer. However when it ends and the rains come there will be flooding like it was when Noah built the Ark. Maybe we should start thinking seriously about what is really going on here on Earth with this "climate change" and "global warming." Is this really happening? Or is it just another promo gimmick for a Tom Cruise movie?

Maybe we should build an ark. And maybe we should gather all the animals and creatures, and insects, and birds and stick them in cages and stow them on board the ark while the Earth is under water. Having animals on board a boat for a prolong time is not the best way to treat an animal especially the ones who are used being out doors. So the Noah and the Ark story could just be that. A story where God rewards the good and punishes the bad unless the bad comes up with a deal where in exchange for say 10% of his worldly goods God will cut him some slack. These stories that were made up by men seem to be a bit slanted toward the power and glory of man and nothing about women.

In fact, the women of that day were treated much like livestock where they were under the rule of first the father then the husband.

And to think that this ignorance is still being practiced and taught in certain areas of this Earth. This boggles the mind. Here we are 2014 and there are millions maybe billions of people who are still in the dark ages of development.

The Noah story seems to imply that man is the dominate species whose job it is to "save" the world from evil people who would destroy everything man has worked for. And this is why we have "global warming" to begin with.

Global warming in my humble opinion, is in part caused by man's greed and man's ignorance which is basically the same thing. Greed and ignorance are one in the same. Ignorance and fear is another. When we lose the ignorance that is become "enlightened". We lose the fear as well. And if the fear is still there that means the "enlightened" part never happened. What I am trying to say here is very biblical. Very Jesus teaching. " Learn the Truth and the Truth will set you free. In order to stay free we must keep learning.  In fact, I have to read some books to learn something so I can write another blog.

Noah acted like his "man solution" to the flooding problem was to gather all the species on earth in pairs. Male and female....ahh ha!  There it is... the clue to the story. Ham (Noah's son) saw his father naked. Homophobia here folks!

The fear of homosexual feelings that dominate the Catholic church seem to have spread through out the world. The elders and priests of that time ruled their followers with fear. They themselves were ruled by fear. The fear that their followers would become wise to their lies and would quit following them. They (priests) were also living in fear of their own homosexual feelings especially in light of what messages they were preaching. This is a classic case of goes around comes around. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

As yee reap so shall yee sow. Ene me ne mini and mo.